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Non-editing time


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
In a neighborhood garage, getting the state vehicle inspection...manager's business card has URL across the bottom...

Reading mail while waiting for the mechanic...bank has new name and website...a couple of bank fliers with URLs...

Passing a construction site...parked landscaping van, with URL across the side...

Just another day of driving to work.


May 6, 2004
One morning in the life of an ODP editor

Reading these forums and finding someone is suggesting a new category for a site she would like to suggest.

Checking to see if we have misplaced sites that may fit into this new category.

Search the internet to see if at least 5 new sites can be found to populate this new category.

Join a Yahoo group for suggestions from posters of sites they would think would help them.

Create a test category to place the suggestions into, review at least 5 sites to add to this category.

Discuss this new category in the internal forums to make sure there is no ovelap and that the affected editors think this would be a good category to add.

Create the new category, @links and relcats.

Move the listings from test into this new category.

Contact the original poster and see if she would like to become an editor of this new category. Help her to submit an application.

And all this before having my 1st cup of coffee for the day. :)


Mar 16, 2005
Walked into our local surf club for a beer after a hard days work, noticed a board on the wall where people can put their business cards. Most have web-sites. :)
Another 20 website's added that night! :D Sites I may never have seen.



New Member
Mar 16, 2007
There is nothing more pleasant then saturday morning, nice hut cup of coffee and editing those green ones.... :)
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