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No editor in category - how long will it take?

Aside from the obvious I know. /images/icons/smile.gif I have tried to get this site in for well over a year but have never had a response. I submit and wait. I don't want to over submit either though. I suppose I will keep on waiting. (with fingers crossed)


I looked at your site and it's identical to several other self defense sites - looks like a template site from an affiliate program. Such sites are ineligible for listing.

Here's a good page on submitting URLs to the directory, which explains about the standards: https://curlie.org/add.html

This site was built from scratch. I did it myself. I'm aware of at least most competitive sites with my field and have not seen a site like mine. We stock our own products and are supplied directly from several manufacturers. This is not a cookie cutter site like several that are out there. Can you at least point me to the sites you're saying look like mine?

That's one of my sites I built. The only other one like it is www.alpha-defense.com. However, both of these sites are supplied by TBO-TECH. They've asked to be distributors and to have a web presence. I don't see how this disqualifies tbotech.com

OK. Went outside to smoke and I realized I'm arguing for something that you stated previously you don't accept. (I'm also creating multiple sites)

Thanks for the tip. I'll check that out.

Do I have any options for getting into the coveted ODP? Obviously I can't shut down my distributors websites.
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