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Next step for review

I submitted a site 6 months ago.

Category had no editor so after a month I moved up the tree and gave the history to the editor up.

After no response I wrote to another editor and receive a reponse saying that if the site was not listed in 3 months I should write back.

After no listing I wrote back and received no response.

After three weeks I wrote to another editor and included the history.

After a week with no response, I tried submitting to another category.

After a month of no listing, I wrote to another editor and included the history.

After three weeks without a response I wrote back to the editor that said he would review it after three months.

Each message was very respectful and cordial.

What should be my next step?

Have you thought about becoming an editor? If you are submitting to a large category, then consider a small sub-category. Before you know it, you've gathered enough experience to move up to the larger category.

If you are only interested in getting your one site listed, then you may prefer to wait it out. However, by becoming an editor you can help not only yourself, but you assist in listing other related sites and increasing the representation of that topic to the benefit of all. /images/icons/smile.gif

if there are multiple editors up the tree, try others, many of us have real lifes too.

.... ok some.

alright at least 4 of us have real lifes.

I was an editor and I believe becoming an editor in a category I am submitting to is not ethicial.

I have moved upward sidewards in my submissions.

I am looking for suggestions/solutions that fall above the norm since the norm is not working.

Well, I'd go with the suggestion in the submission guidelines to email the editor. As you have done that without success, then I would select an editor higher in the tree or an editall, catmod, or meta.

Of course, be sure that the site meets the guidelines. /images/icons/smile.gif

It's one of the reason's that I became an editor myself. I was trying to get the GodWars MUDs organised and up to date with advertising methods and when I went to check the ODP GodWars wasn't listed as a seperate codebase under MERC and that's how my life as an editor started. Once I got the editing bug there was no stopping me.

You've had really bad luck in getting your site listed, unfortunately some editors don't always have as much time as they would like, and whilst I always had a response (as a user) from an ODP member I would suggest going up categories and email other editors (without spamming).

As Trident suggested why not apply to become an editor yourself? you can edit as much or as little as you wan't. I've been with Dmoz for nearly a year now and I'm happy as larry finding categories that need my help, sorting them out and tracking down some worthy web sites.
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