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Never got listed . . .

I'm doing a site for this guy that does karaoke show in the Austin, Texas area ( http://www.karaokebyrjandassociates.com/ ), and I submitted this site twice, so far, to the Texas regional category for karaoke. It's been around a couple of months since the last submission.

I sent a message to "Wise Guy", the listed editor for this category and I never got any reply.

Should I continue to resubmit this site every couple of months, or should I try to contact the editor again and see when I can expect this site to be listed?


Thanks for the update!
I was really trying to get this site listed in the karaoke category. Is it possible to list it in both the regional karaoke category, and the regional dj category?

This guy is a karaoke host, and a dj, so it would fit.


Mar 25, 2002
Yorkshire, UK
While it's maybe worth a try, I don't think you will get the second listing. Just make sure that you included 'karaoke' in your description and that you mention it on the site, that way if someone is searching, they will find it.

OK. I've got the keyword karaoke in the meta tag desciption, in the text in the frontpage, and I used it in the description that I submitted to your directory.

Hopefully that'll cover it.
I'll just keep looking for the listing, and if it doesn't show up in a couple more months I'll come back here before I try submitting again.

Thank You for the help!
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