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Need help placing an affiliate shopping site

Need help placing an affiliate shopping site

I realize ODP does not want sites that sell affiliate products in shopping from reading the boards, but if not listed in shopping then where? The site in question (for submission) sells a variety of products, from heath care to computer software. We see a lot of other sites in DMOZ that we would consider competitor sites (due to the fact that they are selling the same products), some with affiliate links, some with their own stores and some that are a mixture. Most have managed to get listed in a variety of different areas and are spread all over. But where does ODP want affiliate sites listed.....or does it? And what would be proper if the site in question sold (say half) of it's products via it's own store, but still had affiliate links for the other 50% of it's products?



Mar 25, 2002
Yorkshire, UK
I think it would be easier if you pointed us at the site in question - that way one of us could analyse it and give specific feedback.


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
>>...if not listed in shopping then where?

This seems to presume that the ODP lists all sites. The submission guidelines explicitly and categorically deny that: "We care a great deal about the quality of the ODP. We aren't a search engine and pride ourselves on being highly selective. We don't accept all sites... Our goal is to make the directory as useful as possible for our users, not to have the directory include all (or even most) of the sites that could possibly be listed or serve as a promotional tool for the entities listed."

The same page tells exactly where to submit sites that consist primarily of affiliate shopping content: "Don't submit sites consisting largely of affiliate links." [to the ODP, that is: there are a world of other site promotional opportunities out there.]

If a site consists primarily of unlistable content, a submittal to an ODP category in which the only relevant content is that unlistable content, will receive a quick rejection and probably an expression of the editor's attitude toward spam.
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