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my website has not been posted and i emailed

my website homeowners-insurance-rates-quote.com was submitted a few months ago and it was never published. i sent an email to an editor asking if there was something wrong, and if i should resubmit it or change it or anything, but i haven't gotten any response. please help me!


Mar 25, 2002
Yorkshire, UK
I don't know if your question has already been answered, but I've checked through the logs and your web site was declined on 3rd April 2002 since it appeared to be spam (the same submission under many domain names).

If this is not the case, and your submission was legitimate, please get back to us.

no, my website is not spam. i'm not sure how they deduced that. many of the insurance quote sites use the same forms... there are companies who sell the forms to us, and i'm assuming that many other companies use the same form as well. this is hard to explain to the editors, and i haven't heard back from anyone. please let me know what to do. thanks again.
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