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We have a business http://rockbrothers.com which offers multi media audio/visual production services including web design, graphic design & web hosting; video production services including pre and post for both broadcast and non-broadcast productions, crew and talent coordination, photography and other related services.

We would like to get listed in multiple categories and understand from reading other posts that this means we may submit once to "Topical" (Arts, Business, Computers, etc.) and once to "Regional".

We found many categories for which we provide services and was wondering if it is possible to get listed in more than one "Topical" section? i.e.

1) Top: Computers: Internet: Web_Design_and_Development: Designers: Full_Service

2) Top: Business: Industries: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Video

3) Top: Business: Industries: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Television

4) Top: Business: Industries: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Personnel

Audio/Visual Equipment rentals would go here??
Top: Business: Industries: Arts and Entertainment: Equipment: Media Production

OR more than one "Regional" section??

1) Top: Regional: North America: United States: Florida: Localities: P: Pompano Beach: Arts and Entertainment: Photography

2) Top: Regional: North America: United States: Florida: Localities: F: Fort Lauderdale: Business and Economy: Internet

Although we did not find as many specific category listings that relate to our services in "Regional" as we did in the “Topical” sections, we feel that we may belong in several categories in both.

Thank You,


Apr 2, 2002
In general, a site may be listed once in Topical and once in Regional branches of the directory. (Though this is subject to editorial descretion).

A Regional listing is based on where the "brick and mortar" location is. In this case, I would probably submit to this Pompano Beach.

As for topical listings, you might be able to submit to the most appropriate Web Design and Development category and perhaps television or video .

Most sites could fit in numerous categories. The goal, however, is to find the category that single best category.

When browsing the directory to choose the category to submit to, make note of the Description links at the top right of many pages. These will usually help you determine the scope of the given category.

Hope this helps.


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
The current guideline is, sites that offer web design and any other (internet or computer-related) services are listed ONCE under Computers/.../Web Designers, with a description summarizing their services.

If your "Media Production" is sufficiently unlike your computer services, and you do offer that work throughout a large (worldwide or at least national) region, then ONE listing under Media Production may be considered. But submitting to multiple subcategories of one category will inevitably be considered spam. Submit to the parent category, if the site has significant content appropriate to several subcategories; or submit to the single subcat that best fits the primary content of the site. (Note that if the site focus doesn't exactly meet your business focus, an editor may choose a category based on the site focus.)

If the site gives information to people who might want to do face-to-face business, it can be considered for listing in Regional under your locality. But the basis for a local listing is the presence of a local business: one business, one listing -- even if it looked like "John Doe Enterprises: offers well and posthole drilling, bassoon and competition ballroom dancing lessons, and dental surgery."


Thank you, yes that helps!

In the regional, would it be wise to submit to the sub category "Internet"?

Thank You

One more thing that can really help you find the BEST category - search for your nearest competitor and see where they are listed. By nearest I mean closest to offering the same services you do.

Hope this helps you as well as others reading this thread.

ODP editor

Thanks to all of you for your posts.

We would also like to know if there is a way to get a "site review" or somewhere we can get a "review" of the "Description" we have prepared for the site prior to submitting it?

Thank You,


Mar 26, 2002
Southern England
It would be nice if submitters wrote guideline conforming descriptions that we could click straight in, but it's a pretty rare event. A poor description (in ODP terms) shouldn't be a bar to acceptance; it's just rewritten by the editor. (Plenty of other things are, as has been discussed in this forum at some length.)

Just do the best you can, and we'll amend it if we need to /images/icons/smile.gif.
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