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Oct 31, 2011
Arash here,
Thanks for information.
Now suggest me how i get approval from Dmoz directory.I have been submit my site last one month but still no approval.


Mar 26, 2002
Southern England
Nice to see a 7 year old thread bumped out of obscurity.

We don't provide status reports here.

You might have misunderstood our objectives and how we operate here. ODP is a volunteer organisation building a directory as a hobby. Editors edit where they wish, when they wish and as much as they wish within the constraints of their permissions. We have no schedules or systems to force people to do work that they don't volunteer to do. ODP is not primarily a free listing service for website owners and it does not attempt to process their listing suggestions within the time scales desired by them.

Some volunteer will process your listing suggestion in time but we can't predict who or when that might be. Elapsed times can range from a few days to a few years. There is no need to re-suggest your website and doing so could be counter-productive because a later suggestion overwrites any earlier one.
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