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More than one category??

Hello all,

Great forum! I read a few posts and saw that it's possible to be listed in multiple categories. I've e-mailed this inquiry before and did not receive an answer either time so I thought this may be the place to ask. I have a site (www.sensationalteas.com) that sells about half loose tea and the other half is Chinese and Japanese teapots and accessories. But I'm only able to list in one place so I chose 'tea'. But that's only half of what we offer. Can I also list in teapots or the like? I definitely don't want to upset anyone by going against the rules.

Thanks for a great public forum!


Curlie Meta
Mar 7, 2002
By listing yourself in Tea, we hope that end users have enough common sense to realize that you probably sell tea accessories as well (tea balls, cozies, pots, et al). The editor who reviews your site will base placement on the contents of your items as well. We'd rather you be more specific/narrow than to wide in where you submit. If it fits higher let *us* move it there. Otherwise it'll get stuck in some queue out of reach of most editors.

Ah, the multiple listing rule. What this means is you may submit once to Topical (Arts, Business, Computers, etc.) and once to Regional. Your shop sounds like you have a storefront (what we like to refer to as a "bricks and mortar" location). Your site should thus be submitted to the most specific location in Regional. Not state level, probably not even county level, but yes, /images/icons/smile.gif the locality level. But wait, there's more! As having hundreds of sites listed at the main level is frustrating for end users, we've broken things down into subcategories. Find the one called Business and Economy</font color=blue> and check to see if it has additional subcategories. If there is a B&amp;E/Shopping</font color=blue> subcategory, that's probably where you want to submit. Some major cities have B&amp;E/Shopping broken down even further, but these tend to be exceptions to the rule. Again the further down the chain you submit your site, the larger the number of editors who have access to it.

Two listings is all you're allowed. If more listings are applicable (extremely, extremely rare), we'll handle it from our end.

Thank you for getting back to me regarding multiple listings. We do not have a store front, we are only available online. And, actually, our 'tea accessories' are very specific. YiXing and Tetsubin teapots are valued very highly by many collectors and tea consumers. If someone enters "teapot", "Chinese teapots", or even "YiXing teapots", our site won't turn up. That's what I'm concerned about. So am I clear that I can only list under "Tea" -OR- "Teapots"? If so, that's too bad. Thank you once again for your help. :/images/dmoz/purplegrin.gif


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
&gt;&gt;If someone enters "teapot", "Chinese teapots", or even "YiXing teapots", our site won't turn up. That's what I'm concerned about.

Don't be. Nobody uses dmoz search but editors and anxious webmasters. Make sure your site is Google-ready -- that's free, and consider buying your way into the other real search engines. Dmoz search probably won't return you more than one real customer a, um, decade.

&lt;&lt;buying your way into the other real search engines&gt;&gt;

Heh. That's a paradox. Barely of the ones that you can buy into are "real search engines," they are simply ad engines. Overture has no credibility at all since it is all sponsored ads, and it is useless as a search engine. Eventually people will stop using it in favor of accurate and fair engines like Google. LookSmart is now very suspect as well, since they are charging for each click through and purging other sites. Yahoo is the only "real" directory that accepts payment for (accelerated) listings, but I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually changed their model. The Open Directory Project is designed with the end user in mind and remains committed to fair and unbiased results.
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