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Modification of Site after Listing

What is the ODP policy on site changes or updates after it has been accepted in the directory. Are sites re-indexed periodically? I can see quite a potential for abuse if listed sites are being changed afterwards.

No policy other than if the site is found to have different content it will be moved to what seems to be the appropriate category.


Mar 26, 2002
I'm not completely sure, but I believe that if the change-after-listing is done purposefully ("bait-and-switch") that the site will be banned from ODP.

If the domain for the site got bought up by one of those domain resellers that put affiliate link directories in their place, we'll try to find the new location for the site, and delete the entry if none can be found.

If the site got bought by Acme Corp, and redirects to their already-listed-in-ODP website, it will get deleted.

If the site owner, for whatever reason (besides bait-and-switch) decides to change the focus of the site, we'll move the listing to a more appropriate location.
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