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Meta-editor goes insane, promotes this site

In a curious spasm while speaking at the Internet Marketing Conference in Vancouver this week, Meta-editor Flame yelled "Go to resource-zone.com for crying out loud!" While speaking, Flame received quite a few questions on submitting and not getting listed. Apparently being expected to know what was wrong with each individual's submission, Flame was overwhelmed by the questioning, and began spinning around on the stage. The spinning became more dramatic as he professed his belief that he was a monkey. Or that he was a tree. Reports are unclear on which he actually thought he was.

When asked about the outburst later, a confused Flame only babbled about monkeys and trees and how penguins are unable to climb either. Our reporter called him a moron and left at that point.

(And on a serious note, this forum was promoted by me at the IMC this past week in Vancouver. Mainly 'cuz I couldn't possibly answer all the tiny little specific questions they kept throwing at me. http://www.internetmarketingconference.com )

Hey stranger. You must be a busy man traveling the world. Good to see you back.

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...and here we thought it was just a selection criteria.


'(Editor (and Big Luzer))'

I have no words for this, other than...you luzer.

Heh, um... I'll just say that Danny keeps up with what's going on at conferences he doesn't run. ;/images/dmoz/purplegrin.gif
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