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Looksmart *and* the ODP?

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Mar 28, 2002
I'm curious whether Looksmart requires that the portals it has paid to use its listings not use ODP data as well. It seems that logically, they'd do both-- take the money from Looksmart, and the free trove of data from dmoz.

(This might not be the best forum for this, but it does relate to the use of ODP data in some ways, at least for major sites.)
Looksmart DOES use ODP data. Inktomi uses ODP descriptions and LookSmart uses Inktomi, so if you search on LS, you'll find many ODP sites listed under the normal sites. It doesn't distinguish them but if you look in the ODP you'll see that the descriptions are the same. I know this since reviews I have written myself have appeared on LS. I think they are violating the license. AOL should sue LS.
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