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Listed in regional category - why?

After just over four months my site is finally in DMOZ, but not in a submitted category, and with a truncated description.

URL: http://www.shakenstir.co.uk/
Category submitted to: Arts: Music: Magazines and E-zines: S, and later Arts: Music: Styles: Rock: Alternative: Magazines and E-zines
Listed category: Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Arts and Entertainment: Music: Magazines and E-zines

While it is obviously a UK site, the content is of global interest - we feature a lot of U.S. and European artists in particular. Both of the categories I've submitted to in the past feature UK sites (as well as a lot of neglected sites).

The shortened description I can (hopefully) deal with through normal channels, but how do I get the site in an appropriate category (and will it involve a long wait again)?


Feb 28, 2002
According to the category charter for the UK, UK sites which have are aimed at at a UK Audience can be listed in the UK category. Your submission to Arts/Music is still waiting to be reviewed (along with several dozen other sites in the category alone, alas). It can be listed there as well.
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