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Is six months long?

I submitted www.stratecomm.com several months ago, to the:
[Top: Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: S] Category. The category has needed an editor all this time. (I applied, but was rejected, which I can understand). Is the category stalled out or did I do something wrong in the submission process?


Mar 1, 2002
Believe it or not, you were listed in the directory - an editor added your site back in February. The problem was that your listing got swallowed up by the "S" bug. It's a bug with the database that only affects sites where the title or URL begins with an S.

I ran a script that restored your listing. Enjoy. /images/icons/smile.gif

First of all I would like to say what a superb idea the new forum is! I have spent the last two hours browsing various threads and have learnt a lot about the ODP.

This thread in particular has interested me, hence my first post /images/icons/smile.gif

I submitted my web site, Slovakia - Heart of Europe http://www.heartofeurope.co.uk to the OPD about 2 months ago. Is it possible that it too fell foul of the "S" bug?

I submitted it to the category:


Or is it because this section has a high backlog?



Slovakia, it isn't advised to submit to a top-level country category, as they are often prey to people submitting to a higher cat then they should. I would have submitted to the Society and Culture subcat, but please wait for your submission to be processed at that higher level (which might take longer to find its way down the other subcategory).

Thank you for the quick response kujanomiko.

So I guess it is not the "S" bug then!

How will I know if the site has been rejected or not. Will I get an email back to say that it has been unsuccessful? Should I write an email to the editor responsible and ask him if I have submitted to the wrong category.

Please advise /images/icons/smile.gif


Hello, I checked the Slovakia categories. There is only one editor for the country, both in English and Slovensky, and many sites waiting to be reviewed.

Since you are interested in helping people learn about Slovakia, you might want to consider applying to edit one of the small categories under Slovakia.

Thanks, you're right. However I can't seem to get the Search feature to find it.

First, I really do appreciate all the attention and have become a permanent DMOZ/ODP fan. Second, is the search box on the directory actually using Google results? (just curious)..


Mar 1, 2002
is the search box on the directory actually using Google results?

No. The search feature on the DMOZ Homepage is run by our very own, decrepit search engine. No one uses the DMOZ search engine, other than editors.


Mar 25, 2002
No one uses the DMOZ search engine, other than editors.

And webmasters trying to see if their site has been listed yet. /images/icons/smile.gif -- Foe

Hmm.. Is there an "I" bug?? I'd first submitted my site (www.intensehost.com) to /Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Hosting/I/ during July-August 2001 and still have not been listed. I've contact the appropriate editor for that directory and haven't heard back from her yet. Can someone give me a clue on what's going on? Thanks!

Hmm... Designers.. That was submitted recently.. But the "I" category is what I really wanted. Well..It's better than not being listed. =) Thanks!
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