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Is domain forwarding the same as redirecting?

I want to get my dad's Bible study site into the directory.
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He has his site in his comcast web space. Since I didn't want to ever have to change the address I got him a domain as a permanent address:
To keep from having to pay for a hosting account for him I have this domain forwarded to his web space at:
We are not selling anything. It is totally content. Will this be rejected as a redirect?
Thanks. Josephus
P.S. My site (http://www.spiritofprayer.com) has been listed for about six months and it is great. It comes up in the top ten for many different search phrases.


Mar 1, 2002
Josephus, I personally wouldn't have a problem with you submitting the permanent domain. I would be far more wary of such a practice in abuse-prone areas (in other words don't try it), but in your case, since you have no incentive to spam the directory with 50 different URLs all pointing to the same site, an exception could be made.


Mar 25, 2002
I'm not perfect and I'm sure I've missed a few...

Personally I try to find an actual 'base' URL.

That is what I list, the URL I'm looking at, not the one that is submitted.

But my decision to list is based on content.

If I notice a different URL,
it does prompt me to spend some time on a recheck to see if the site is already listed.



Mar 25, 2002
Personally, I'd rather that the redirecting URL was submitted. The editors generally list the URL under whatever it resolves to (so that we can see where else in the directory it appears) but would note the submitted URL in the editors' notes. If the site ever moved, we would try the redirector URL again, and then list where it actually got moved to.

KC, I got the domain and set it to the fowarding mode trying to do the best I could to give the site a permanent address that would never ever strike out as a dead link at a future date.
Several years ago I listed a free site (on juno homestead) I had on some search engines (not ODP) and now it is null and void but it still comes up in searches but is a dead link. That's a shame so I was trying to plan for the future with a permanent domain name which would always point to the site no matter where I have it residing. Also my dad is 82 years old and he is not going to live forever but I wanted to be able to keep the web site going even though I have to move it off his comcast web site.
So that's the reason. Joseph


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
Joseph, your concern is reasonable, and we know that you aren't the only webmaster who sets up a redirecting domain for that reason. But we still don't like to list them -- we have several concerns. One (alias URLs slipping in) has been mentioned. I'll mention another. Our current automatic broken-link sniffer can't probe through all kinds of redirection, so if links go dead, we don't find out on the next robozilla run.

So lissa's approach is official. Yes, submit your permanent address. Yes, it will be listed as the "real" address....but if either the permanent or real address dies, we'll have both of them on record, and we'll use that information to correct your listing ... without requiring any action from you. All part of the ODP service /images/icons/smile.gif (not for you, of course--for the surfers who might want to find your site. But, all the same, don't reckon on any other major directory doing that, even after you paid them more money to list your site than you paid to have it hosted.;))

Thanks. I will do that. I appreciate your effort to help me get this right. Joseph
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