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Invalid email validation in reinstatement form - can't submit request. help?


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Jul 25, 2014
i had a period with inactivity that went over the 120 day limit.

however, when i go to https://curlie.org/public/reinstate and try to submit the form with my registered email, ingvald+dmoz@gmail.com, i get "Not a valid email address pattern in email".

"+" is valid in email addresses, re http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_address#Valid_email_addresses , but because of the email validation error i need some help.

can anyone here help me get reinstated?

(and afterwards, help me submit a bug report for that form?)

username "ingvald"


Mar 26, 2002
Southern England
It would see that your email address is unconventional and our fails to valid out. It might well be OK by gmail or wikipedia (the last update today!) but if our systems don't like it, it doesn't like it. You might imagine that there is a pool of AOL systems engineered eager to amend to amend our validation routines but the actually is that any change will take a long time scale - possibly infinitely.

Instead, I propose a more practical solution. First create a new conventional email address and then please contact me via https://curlie.org/public/sendemail?editor=jimnoble (Don't use any other method) with as much corroborative information as you can such as:-

Approximate date joined
Editor name (but not password)
Real Name
Original email address
Joining category
Additional categories gained
Roughly how many edits done
Approximate date of leaving and the circumstances

Convince me that you are who you say you are and I can reset your email address of record to one that works today. This will make it possible for you to request a password reminder and complete a reinstatement request form.


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Jul 25, 2014
hi Jim - thanks for offering help. i'll contact you as you describe.

(just one last comment to the email address: it's actually the official definition of email that allows "+", described with reference under "syntax" on that wiki page. i understand the argument for a practical approach here, but dmoz, with many other services, is actually doing this wrong...)

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