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Important Introduction to Kids and Teens

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Sep 15, 2004
The kids and teens directory is different from the main nodes in Curlie. Kids and Teens is governed by a special set of editors known as kmetas, kcatmods and keditalls. Also, the Kids and Teens directory has it's own set of editing guidelines.

Any site suggested or added to the Kids and Teens directory must be appropriate for young people aged 18 and under. All sites added here will have age tags which are labeled as Kids, Teens, and Mature Teens.

So if you enjoy reviewing sites for young people and working in smaller areas then perhaps you may want to look into editing in the Kids and Teens directory.
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Sep 15, 2004
More about the Kids and Teens directory:

Why is the Kids and Teens directory different? Because its goal is different from the rest of the directory in that the principle audience is 18 years of age or lower. That said, in order to address the youth on the web, stricter guidelines have been developed by staff ontologists back when it was created.

A unique technological feature in the Kids and Teens directory is the use of three different age tags. In many cases, a site may be appropriate for a general audience. As a result, double listing (or even triple listing in the case of one regional, one topical, and one Kids and Teens listing) is sometimes encouraged.

This post, however, is by no means exhaustive. To learn more about the Kids and Teens directory, you might find the following newsletter articles useful, from most recent, to oldest:

http://dmoz.org/docs/en/newsletter/2011May/news_beats.html#kids (archive)
New editor appointments...

http://dmoz.org/docs/en/newsletter/2002Summer/beats.html#kandt (archive)
Heading towards 20,000 listings, new categories, new kMeta...

http://dmoz.org/docs/en/newsletter/2001Dec/kidsandteenshistory.html (archive)
Details the history of the Kids and Teens directory from the eyes of an original Kids and Teens Meta who remained with the directory long before it was actually created, back when the Home/Kids and Society/People/Teens categories merged to become "Kids and Teens."

http://dmoz.org/docs/en/newsletter/2001Dec/beats.html#kidsandteens (archive)
Kids and Teens events from the most recent newsletter publication.

http://dmoz.org/docs/en/newsletter/2001Sep/beats.html#KT (archive)
Kids and Teens events in the month of July and August (the DMOZ newsletter isn't actually monthly, but the editors at the ODP are trying to fix this).

http://dmoz.org/docs/en/newsletter/2001May/beats.html#KT (archive)
Welcomed addition of two K-Metas.

http://dmoz.org/docs/en/newsletter/2001Mar/beats.html#KT (archive)
First ontology beats after the initial launch of the Kids and Teens directory.

http://dmoz.org/docs/en/newsletter/2001Mar/kidsteens.html (archive)
First lengthy article, by a k-meta, that introduces some of the basic concepts and principles behind the creation of the new directory.

http://dmoz.org/docs/en/newsletter/2000Nov/press.html (archive) (pardon some of the typos there)
Brief discussion of the creation of the Kids and Teens directory.

Any and all editors with an active interest in helping out with the Kids and Teens directory should feel free to apply.

As far as site listings go, because there are different rules there are more reasons why your site may not be listed. It is very true that content is king, but there are certain sites that will not be included, ever, regardless of how informative or useful the site may be.

For example, the Kids and Teens directory does not tolerate site suggestions or listings that include content with:
  • Profanity
  • Shopping Material, or sites primarily commercial in nature
  • Gambling References, or Illegal Substances
  • Adult Material or Nudity, unless it is strictly educational and encyclopedic
  • Violence of cruelty to animals and/or people

If you have further questions, I or other editors with active ties to K&T (Curlie Kids and Teens Directory) will try to answering them in the forum below.

Although this isn't really a pleasant note, although anyone applying to become a K&T editor can have an affiliation with that category, if your editing power is used for the sole purpose of promoting the site you are affiliated with, you will most certainly be expelled from the project.

Have fun, and hope you now have a greater appreciation for this unique section of Curlie.

This is a reprise of the original 2002 K&T introduction thread.
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