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I'm confused

Hi, This is Xavi from Barcelona (Spain).

My problem is...

I was listed in dmoz in "Recreation: Collecting: Figurines: Lladro" with my url "http://store.yahoo.com/lladro" for a long time, we were really proud of being in dmoz, and one day some months ago our url was deteled. After trying to be submitted again now can't seem to get a listing in dmoz. I have been trying it for a long time, I have followed all the rules and guidelines, I have been patient, haven't over submitted. When I didn't get listed in the first category, I tried submitting in another relevant category but I have the same result.

I can't understand why my site was listed for so many months (even years) and after that and being deleted there is no way to be listed again. I politely wrote to the editor in charge of the section to ask him to explain what I am doing wrong. I never received a reply from him.

At this point I'm not quite sure how to get listed and I'll appreciate any help or feedback about it.

Thanks in advance and regards from Spain



Curlie Meta
Feb 28, 2002
Your site is listed in <a href="https://curlie.org/Shopping/Antiques_and_Collectibles/Figurines/">Shopping/Antiques_and_Collectibles/Figurines</a>

As it was originally listed at a place that is not as appropriate as it could be, it was evidently moved to this more apporopriate category.

I think the right place is "Recreation: Collecting: Figurines: Lladro", is there anyway to move it there. Thanks a lot for your help.

Regards from Spain



Mar 1, 2002
The submission guidelines for Recreation/Collecting state: "All sites, which offer products and collectibles for sale on line and off line, should be submitted to Shopping/Antiques and Collectibles. Commercial sites will not be accepted in this category."

Since your site is an online store (first line on your home page reads "Welcome to LLadro from Spain, the on-line store."), it was moved to Shopping.

Marisa you are right. But I can not understand why in "Recreation: Collecting: Figurines: Lladro" Category are 12 urls and 9 are shops too.

Regards from Xavi

Thank you for letting us know about the situation.

Not all editors understand how to place commercial sites - Shopping for those selling online directly to the consumer, Business for those providing products and services to other businesses, and Regional for businesses operating out of a real "storefront" not just online. (A site may have both a Regional and another listing, if appropriate.)

Your site is listed both in Shopping: Antiques and Collectibles: Figurines and in Regional: Europe: Spain: Business and Economy: Shopping, so it is placed appropriately.

Submitters, please use the real name of your business as the title of your submission, and submit the actual web address, not redirects. Your submission will be processed faster that way.

For help in submitting to the right category, see the Shopping FAQ: https://curlie.org/Shopping/faq.html and the Business description: https://curlie.org/Business/desc.html
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