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I really cant find an appropriate category

Ive recently made a new site at www.trancesystem.com and im really unsure where to submit the site to.

Its a resource/community/interview/tutorial site for trance dj's and producers.

Ive looked at the music composition section, but it really seems only for classical composers and not dance music.

Any advice would help loads, cos ive drawn a blank at the moment.


these are the areas in thinking of submitting to:

Computers: Multimedia: Music and Audio: Tutorials and Information



which of these semms the better choice?


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
I fervently agree with the 42nd hedgey. Computers/Tutorials is for sites about technical aspects of the computer techniques, not about any specific style of music. And Directories is really for sites that don't fit into any more specific subcategory -- many styles, as well as other Music subcategories, have their own "Directories" category.

This actually exhibits two VERY common mistake that submitters make:

1) Look for media first, then topic. (It should nearly always be the other way around.) In this case, your topic is "Trance Music" so you should start by looking there. Not at "directories," which is only one type of information you have about that topic. Not at computers, even though your website is almost certainly on one.

2) Look for the most specific topic first, and work out from there. (So you are using computers to create a community and/or assist in your performances -- but who isn't? So you have a links page -- so do 200 million other sites!) The _specific_ topic is "Trance", which is a style of music. So start there.

It's not that different from a library. If you went looking for a book about the trance music business, would you look in the card catalog under "Books"? Surely not.


BTW, thanks for asking in the first place! It's always nice to have the site submitted in the right cat in the first place /images/dmoz/biggrin.gif.
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