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I might have been an editor a few years ago

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Sep 26, 2016

I might have been an editor a few years ago - I certainly remember the application form - but am not so sure anymore, especially, as I can't find dmoz emails in my current email archive. However, given that I'm not supposed to have multiple editor names, I'm somehow stuck: I hesitate to re-apply from the start, and I don't remember the editor name to request a new passwort or request reactivation. What should I do?

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Curlie Meta
Oct 31, 2006
That you've forgotten some of your login details or you no longer have access to your original email account are merely stumbling blocks, not show stoppers.

Please contact me via http://dmoz.org/cgi-bin/send.cgi?toeditor=mollybdenum with as much corroborative information as you can such as:-

Approximate date joined
Real name
Editor name (but not password)
Original email address
Joining category
Additional categories gained
Roughly how many edits done
Approximate date of leaving and the circumstances
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