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how to use odp parse software????


Apr 15, 2003
Since ODP does not support any of these scripts, an editor is unlikely to provide an answer. Someone who happens to use the script might see this post and help you.


Oct 21, 2005
i know this thread is a year old but i hope someone answers me..

i have used the dmoz2mysql scipt but i always get error when im running the start_script.php. the erro is this:
Warning: fopen(structure.rdf.u8.gz): failed to open stream: Permission denied

does this occur in my host server or with dmoz? i use the v3. i already change the permission to its maximum (777)!



Jun 17, 2006
Hi dane,

If the permissions change didn't work, it sounds like you have an open_base_dir restriction on your web server. You will need to add an open_base_dir path to your web server config file for fopen to work in the directory you are trying to read from.



Aug 18, 2007
I am not sure if this thread is still active or not----
After a few modifications to the original scripts, when I tried parsing the short examples on dmoz web site.
It seems structure.example.txt works fine but when it comes to content.example.txt, got error...
am i missing something here????...please help!!!!
CHECKING FOR UPDATES...  OK. Ready for an update!  Warning: Could not delete the old file. Maybe it isn't created yet.  Warning: Could not delete the old RDF file. Maybe it isn't created yet. Downloading file information: DOWNLOADED  The script is downloading http://rdf.dmoz.org/rdf/structure.example.txt The file is downloaded with 500 KB/s Size of the file is: 42 KB The DMOZ data dumps were last updated: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 20:27:27 GMT Downloading please wait .  STRUCTURE.EXAMPLE.example.txt WAS SUCCESSFULLY DOWNLOADED Download URL: http://rdf.dmoz.org/rdf/structure.example.txt  Extracting the example file...  STRUCTURE.EXAMPLE.example.txt WAS SUCCESSFULLY EXTRACTED! Filename: structure.example  Cleaning structure.example This could take some time!   Status: .  Finished!  Fatal error: Could not do the following query: 
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