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Important How To Report Suspected Abuse By An Editor

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Sep 15, 2004
Curlie is committed to providing the best quality directory possible. Unfortunately, a small number of editors/webmasters are more committed to their self-interest than the directory. The actions of the few threaten the directory's quality and integrity, adversely affecting the user experience.

If you are an editor, there is an internal form on your dashboard to report something which looks wrong.

If you are NOT an editor, you can go to Public Abuse Report System and fill out the form.
This system enables users of Curlie to report suspicions of abusive editors/conduct to Curlie Meta Editors and Admins. All reports will be investigated expeditiously and in complete confidence. If abuse is found we will rectify it.
Users are able to submit reports anonymously should they choose, although we encourage them to supply an e-mail address, which will be used in case further information will be needed in order to successfully complete the abuse investigation.
For more information about the system, suggestions on how to write a good abuse report, and what Curlie considers abuse, please consult the FAQ.

Please keep in mind that:
  • Editor inaction is not abuse.
  • A site not getting listed is, with 99.9% certainty on my part, due to inaction rather than malice.
  • Competitors being listed while you are not is probably not abuse, just a combination of good timing and editor interest in the category.
  • Competitors being editors is not automatically a reason file an abuse report - you should have something more substantial than that if you want the meta-editors to investigate.
  • Rejection of an application to edit is NOT abuse.

Reference: The DMOZ (Curlie) Documentation Project page about editor actions which seem to be self-serving.
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