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Important How To Report Suspected Abuse By An Editor

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DMOZ Documentation Project page which describes editor ACTIONS which seem to be self-serving.

If you are an editor, there is an internal way to report something which looks wrong.

If you are NOT an editor, as mentioned in the above link, you can go to Public Abuse Report System and fill out the form.

Webmasters, keep in mind that...
  • Editor inaction is not abuse.
  • A site not getting listed is, with 99.9% certainty on my part, due to inaction rather than malice.
  • Competitors being listed while you are not is probably not abuse, just a combination of good timing and editor interest in the category.
  • Competitors being editors is not automatically a reason file an abuse report - you should have something more substantial than that if you want the meta-editors to investigate.
  • Rejection of an application to edit is NOT abuse.
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