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How long before Updated URL description?

After 10 months of trying get my site submitted, it has finally been reviewed and submitted this past Monday. www.petartpix.com I noticed that the description was changed, and I made some corrections to it, today. How often does the Editor review this category? I am hoping the new description gets updated asap. Thank you very much.


Mar 1, 2002
The changes you requested are not in compliance with the ODP Guidelines therefore your update request was denied. Repeating keywords from the category name, in the title and description, is against the guidelines, so you will not be successful in trying to stuff the keyword "Pet Portraits" in either.

I have revised the title of my site, so I can use the term "pet portraits" in the description. Thanks for quick reply. I think it's great that you have such strick regulations, and that real human beings are reviewing these submissions.
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