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How Does One Recommend/Suggest New Category?

Sep 13, 2005
The ODP is lacking a category for which there is a significant and growing demand for websites containing information on the subject. For example, Wikipedia has a very extensive and informative page, created and expanded by several individuals, with links to numerous other well-informed websites on the same subject. But there's no category (nor anything related) in the ODP.

How does one go about recommending/suggesting the creation of a new category?

Thanks in advance...


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
The ODP generally doesn't create categories for each Wikipedia article. And categories for which someone demands websites, are even less promising (since vanity-affiliate-doorway-site spammers follow search terms so closely.)

What we do is create categories for the sites that we actually find. You can help us find sites of a particular kind, of course: if we even see something to suspect a pattern of good sites, we may be inspired to go create a category.

Another way is to offer to edit a category (and mention in your 'reasons' that you actually want to edit a subcategory comprising such-and-such listings and kinds of listings.) That's how I started editing.

Another is to generate a 'sui generis' site that all by itself cries out to have a category built around its core topic.

As always, all of this is volunteer work; and each volunteer works on his own priorities. So there's no way to impose an obligation or responsibility on someone else to edit a subject that interests you -- nothing works that way. So waiting on other volunteers can be frustrating if you can't put your impatience aside and focus on the value that YOU'RE proposing to contribute.
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