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How Can I Find out is there editor for category


Apr 1, 2002
First, go to the dmoz.org version of the category /images/icons/smile.gif

At the bottom of the page, you can see "This category needs an editor", so there's no editor there. The page also says "Last update: 22:08 PT, Tuesday, April 16, 2002". Checking out the parent category, you'll find an editor listed, and a "last update May 3". This editor is also responsible for the subcat. In addition, all editors listed in cats above this one, as well as all editalls can edit there.

It is, of course, impossible to give anything remotely guarantee-like on when your site will be listed. Perhaps the editor(s) who spend most time there go on holiday tomorrow. And the "last update" dates doesn't necessarily mean that the unreviewed queues were cleared at that time. So this is where I put on my magical editor-glasses and take an editor-side look at the category. /images/icons/smile.gif There are relatively few sites waiting in unreviewed, so you might hope to be listed reasonably soon. How soon, you ask? No idea...

Congrats on submitting a good description, by the way! Informative, and free of hype - that's not something we see very often! /images/dmoz/purplegrin.gif
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