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How can I change my sites title and description

How can I change my sites title and description?
My title is mis-spelled and my description does not properly represent my site. i have tried submitting the change for about 3 times already over a perios of 1 month and I e-mailed the directory owner. I beleive the full directory of my listing is

Regional: North America: United States: New York: Localities: N: New York City: Business and Economy: Real Estate

The real title of my site is HomeFinderNY

My description does not properly represent my site because we actually are a lot more then :
Place your condo or co-op property listings for free

We provide users the ability to Search through apartment, condo, co-op, loft and other property for rent and sale in the new york city metro area. users can also create their own property listings with pictures and their direct contact information free. users who do not find property ads to their liking can create wanted ads for property holders to contact them free as well. The description placed now does not clearly represent the fact that the main reason people come to our site is to find apartments. A word that was hacked out of my sites description. I have tried about 3 times to e-mail the owner of the directory to no avail and each time I do so very politely. I do not wish for my description to be stuffed with keywords and I am not attempting to raise my ranking in any way. i only want my company to represented properly. A description I think that best describes us is:

Guide lists apartments, condos, co-ops, and other property in New York for rent or sale, from Manhattan to Westchester County. Search through and post new ads for free.

thank you for yout time and please advise me on how to get this corrected.


Curlie Meta
Feb 28, 2002
You did the right thing, indeed you did pretty much all you could do.

I think the only other choice you might have had to get things worked out would have been to move up the tree higher to find a more experienced editor to handle the problem. For any one else experiencing this problem that is the thing to do.

Hi There,

In September we launched our newly redesigned site that included several pages of new content. In November of last year, I submitted a request for a description update under the update url page. I was very specific and described the nature of our changes, along with a request for an additional listing due to the nature of content on our site.

Question>Should I have gotten a reply back on my orginal request?

Question>How would I go about getting "an experienced editor" to review my original request that was submitted in November?

Thanks for providing me with the oppurtunity to ask this question. So far, everyone I have spoken to said, It is nearly impossible to get your description changed and have warned me that it might be changed to something worse than we already have.

Take Care,

Have you sent email to the editor or an editor higher on the tree. You will see in almost all of these responses that there is not enough editing time for the vast number of submissions. It's not fair, but a friendly note to me will sometimes get a site "bumped" up in the consideration process. I also get a chance to respond with explanation that there isn't a conspiracy against the submitter, only a valid time problem. I'm not proud of how far behind I am, but sometimes the people in the household can get my attention ahead of editing. I know some wonderful new editors are getting to work in categories where I edit to help.

Have you thought about applying to become an editor?

Edited for spelling so it makes sense! /images/icons/smile.gif


Mar 25, 2002
The answer to the first question is that you probably won't get an email reply back to update request. A few editors might but most won't.

The answer to the second question is that you can email an editor higher up the tree, but posting here has helped.

There were three update requests for your site (from three different months), so I blended two of them together, and changed an ampersand (&) to "and". I hope that you consider the new description to be an improvement; I did leave the title alone as we tend to use the name of the business as the title in these situations.

Just a personal note: When I deal with submissions as an editor, I try to give update requests a higher priority than new site submissions (they are in the same list, but the updates are clearly marked) as I consider keeping the existing listings up-to-date a higher priority than adding new listings. But that's just me -- Foe


Mar 25, 2002
Just in case editor Kastro is still reading this... and for the interest of anyone else submitting....

We have a policy to only list any site once in the Regional tree. Once a directory listing is published (and corrected) in one location, submitting it to another will just get rejected.


Mar 25, 2002
Actually, that 'one listing in Regional' rule has been relaxed some. A business with only one location (such as Kastro's) should still get only get one listing, though -- Foe

Sorry about re-submitting. I was getting kinda frustrated because I thought i still didn't get a response from anyone.
Turned out that I did!
Thank you, and i apologize for the re-submit


Mar 25, 2002
Yorkshire, UK
We have a policy to only list any site once in the Regional tree. Once a directory listing is published (and corrected) in one location, submitting it to another will just get rejected.

The rules for the UK categories are now different - a site may be listed at UK level and at county/locality level (editors read the Regional - UK & Ireland forum for more details). It also depends on the nature of the site - let's take a small shop in a remote part of California. Its website may have information about the shop, such as where it is, its history, and a few photos of it. Now perhaps this shop also has an online shopping mall on its web site. In this case, it would be listed at both levels, and if that online store were to distribute internationally, a third listing in Shopping.

Remember that we do take cases on a site-to-site basis - there is no 'general rule' and so your site may only require listing once.

I had a site reviewed and posted with out being submitted by myself, it had limited content at the time and it's discription reflects that fact. I don't even know how someone found it to list it as no site promotion was done for that site yet.

Will I be able to get that sites information changed or should I just get on and forget about it


Curlie Meta
Mar 27, 2002
Re: How can I change my sites title and descriptio


Your site was probably found by an editor and added. To change the discription go to the category where it is listed and use the "update URL" link on top of the page.

Best regards,

Hello Everyone,

I would like to thank everyone for sharing information, offering advise and assistance. I have learned a lot from reading various posts. The forum is very informative and I appreciate the assistance in getting our description changed. I realize that there may different priorities, and I agree that updates to sites description is very important so it is accurate.

At the same time, I believe that adding listings that directly correlate to an existing catagory should be updated as well. This would add credibility to the ODP catagories and validate ODP search results.

[cross-posted part removed. You can read it in 'double submission' thread: https://resource-zone.com/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=submissions&Number=888 ]

Thanks again for allowing me the oppurtunity to post this message,


Mar 25, 2002
Working on the updates first is my own personal preference; other editors may work differently. New submissions usually outnumber update submissions by a large margin, so I like to get updates done first, as they may include URL changes to fix dead listings (and I hate dead listings). After I do the updates, I work on the new submissions, first deleting the obvious garbage and moving the obvious misplaced, then reviewing sites for submission with the oldest first.

When dealing with categories with hundreds of submissions waiting for review, one has to prioritize them somehow, and that's how I do it -- Foe
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