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Have I been doing something wrong?



My site is www.vintagedesignerclothing.com . The site title is Vintage Designer Clothing. Unsurprisingly, that is what we sell. In January (approx.), my webmaster submitted this site and two other sites in the Shopping:Clothing:Vintage category, which had approximately 100 sites and no editor (and which could and should easily have several hundred other sites). His application was rejected. In March (approx.), I reapplied to the directory. I have not heard any response to that. I reapplied again today. My site description is the following:

Selling vintage designer clothing, shoes, and accessories, specializing in women's clothing and men's ties, plus unique clothing and accessories created by model/fashion guru Eden Taylor.

Have I done something wrong as part of my submission? Is that subdirectory extremely backlogged? Was my site deemed not to be suitable?

The last activity on that subdirectory was on April 22. I did not save prior versions of the page, but I recall it having 101 sites, and it has 100 now. I do not believe any sites have been added there in months.

I would appreciate any advice or help.



Mar 26, 2002
Yes, you have been submitting to the wrong category. The vintage clothing category linked from Shopping: Clothing is a link to another category which is


I do not think your site qualifies as antiques and collectibles. You need to find the proper area for your site in Shopping and resubmit. I suggest the following description or something like it to facilitate the review by an editor.

Offers a wide variety of clothes for men and women. [Email ordering]

Should your description have more in it - not really - no one uses dmoz to search anyway - it will just make it easier for us /images/icons/smile.gif

BTW - your site has not even been looked at yet - you have not been rejected. Try to find a better category to submit to and if you have not been listed in a month post back.

Hope this helps.


We resubmitted to Shopping:Clothing:Used and Secondhand. Interestingly, many sites are listed on both subdirectories.
The fact that Clothing:Vintage and Antiques and Collectibles:Clothing are the same exact subdirectory is problematic, considering the nature of vintage clothing. Clothing from the 1980s and further back in time is considered vintage, but most people would not consider many items produced after World War II to be antiques (and many vintage clothing lovers would be horrified to hear the clothes they buy to wear being described as collectibles). Depending on whether directory decisions are being made by someone with a background in clothing or with a background in furniture or similar antiques, a wide disparity of results can occur as to what sites are deemed to qualify.
Many, if not most, of the sites in the Clothing:Vintage subdirectory are unquestionably vintage clothing sites worthy of inclusion, but do not sell clothes that the average antique fancier would consider antiques or collectibles.
It would seem that the Clothing:Vintage and Antiques and Collectibles:Clothing subdirectories, having a different focus, should be split from each other.



Mar 8, 2002
Hi, The Shopping: Antiques and Collectibles category is under reorganization at this time. Your points are good ones. We will discuss possibly moving the category currently under Antiques over to the Clothing category with a name of Vintage. This should resolve some of the issues you have brought up. Thanks for sharing your views with us.

Tim /images/icons/smile.gif
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