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Dec 6, 2016
HI, I'm a long-time editor. I usually only login when I find good websites for my section - usually this is within the expiry period, but this time I've timed out (couldn't be by much I don't think!). I add websites pretty regularly.
Now I find I can't remember my original email to reinstate my expired account - it may have changed over the years from different email providers - I'm really unsure. Are you able to help me?
My section is Australiasia womens websites (I just found a good organisation to add for free legal help for Aussie mums).
My login is singlemummy and I know my password, that is unchanged from my original commencement. Thanks for any help you can give!
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Oct 8, 2002
If you are realy singlemummy (I do not doubt it is you) you will understand my hint
your email is at a domain I could describe as "alphabet children"

If you need more help, or if we need to reset your email address we will need more prove it is you.
If you need such help send me through the link on https://curlie.org/public/profile?editor=pvgool
your real name
your editor name ( singlemummy )
the category / categories you edit (link from dmoz)
approximate date you joined
approximate date you did your last edit
any emails you thik you could have used in DMOZ

do NOT send me your password
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