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Important FAQ and General Advice

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Apr 1, 2002
FAQ and General Advice About Becoming an Editor

Recommended reading
It's a very good idea to read carefully the information provided when you push that "become an editor"-link - both the initial screen and the form itself. This may seem obvious, but a lot of the applications we receive indicate that the applicant hasn't done this.
There is also useful information in the Curlie help section.

Choosing your first category - size and complexity
As the application information states, "Your chances of becoming an editor are greater if you apply for a small, underdeveloped category to start (generally categories with less than 100 sites)." This also includes sites in subcategories. The total number of sites is given in brackets after the category name at the top of the page. It's not impossible to be accepted for bigger categories, but it's more difficult.
You do not have to choose a category which is without any subcategories, but please note that a category with a lot of subcategories will usually be more difficult to be accepted to than one with few or no subcategories.

Choosing your first category - where?
Some common myths include: "It's easier to get accepted in Regional", "New editors aren't accepted in commercial categories (including Business, Shopping and most of Computers)", and "New editors aren't accepted in areas with a lot of unreviewed (including Business, Shopping and most of Computers)".

These myths are not true. Choose a category which interests you, and which you feel you can improve. Please note, though, that some areas are more prone to abuse than others. For these areas it is difficult - but not impossible - to get accepted as a brand new editor.

It's OK to apply for a category that already has a listed editor. Almost all categories provide opportunities for more than one editor to make useful contributions, and no editor "owns" a category. Also, it is possible that the listed editor is not very active. However, we do try to avoid creating situations where conflict is likely, so there might be a little extra scrutiny of your request if you ask for a category with an editor listed.

Choosing your first category - affiliations
The application form says it all, really: "We do not bar editors with business affiliations, since those editors with their own sites usually know their competition and related sites better than anyone. This knowledge can be ideal for helping build an authoritative directory. However, we will not tolerate editors who only add their own sites, or maliciously interfere with others' listings in the directory." Being open and honest about affiliations is crucial.

Choosing your first category - language
You should be able to write well in the language of the category that you're applying for. For everything outside of World, that means that you should be able to write reasonably well in English, including using proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, and capitalization. If English isn't your native language or you feel you don't have strong skills in it, please consider applying for a category in World in the language in which you are most comfortable.

Anonymity - or not?
In some cases it helps if we can verify who the applicant is, especially if you think your credentials are part of why we should accept the application. And in abuse prone areas, it may be easier to trust someone who is open about his/her identity than someone who chooses to hide behind a pseudonym.

...and finally
Murphy's law will invariably cause the server to have a hiccup just as you post your lovingly crafted application. Saving a copy before you push that submit button may save you some tears.
After the application is submitted, you will get a confirmation email with a link to click. If you don't get this email, try again using another email address.
If you get an error message when submitting the application form, try again using another browser. If that doesn't help, post here, and we'll try to sort it out.

The review process
Each application is reviewed by an experienced volunteer editor - a meta or a category moderator (catmod). This can take anything from a few hours to several months.

If the application is approved, you'll get a welcoming email with further information. Have fun! :) (And don't forget to read the guidelines.)
If the application is rejected, you will usually get a reply - a form letter and possibly some more specific comments.
If your application is rejected, feel free to reapply. There is no reason to wait some set period of time before reapplying. You should, of course, try to do something about those factors which caused your application to be denied.

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