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Dropped in 2001 and can't get relisted

Sometime early in 2001, my site www.MauiParadise.Net was dropped from the Open Directory for reasons unknown to me. My site previously had been listed in the category

Regional: North America: United States: Hawaii: Maui: Localities: Kihei: Travel and Tourism: Lodging: Vacation Rentals

Since that time, I have tried resubmitting the site on numerous occasions to this category with no luck. Some of the resubmission dates were:


Because the category did not have an editor, in June 2001 I also volunteered to become an editor for the category, but was rejected.

On 12/5/01 I also tried sending an e-mail to the editor (janv) of another related category, but received no response.

Any help or suggestions you can give me on getting my site relisted would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Aloha,
Phil Erickson



Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this. I appreciate it.

Removing mauioceancondos.com is fine. However, could I please ask for more thing. Would you please substitute the current description for www.MauiParadise.Net with the following:

"Maui Kamaole vacation rental condos for rent by owner across from Kam III beach in Kihei, south Maui. Features pictures, rates, availability and general information."

Also you may want to change the heading on my entry to just "Maui Kamaole" rather than "Maui Paradise.net".

These changes would more accurately describe our site, as it only deals with our two Maui Kamaole condos.

Thanks very much for your consideration of these requests, and your already very prompt attention to this.

Phil Erickson


Mar 1, 2002

The description you proposed is in violation of our Editor Guidelines, specifically the part about describing sites. Please realize that keyword-repetition such as "vacation rentals," "Kihei," and "Maui" , which are already in the name of the category, won't fly.

Sorry, I didn't intend to violate the restrictions. Could we please use the following that I believe should comply with all the regulations.

Maui Kamaole
Luxury condos for rent by owner across from Kam III beach. Features pictures, rates, availability and general information.

Thanks for all your help!
Phil Erickson


Thank you very much! You accomplished in less than 1 day, what I've been trying to get done in almost a year.

Mahalo and Aloha!
Phil Erickson
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