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DMOZ data in Spanish


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Mar 15, 2018
Salt Lake City

I have 2 questions, is there anywhere, the DMOZ data, but just the Spanish part?

If I use these links as a "seed" to do my own web crawling am I still requiered to put the DMOZ copyright on the site?
I mean these are just the links, without the description....


Curlie Admin
RZ Admin
Sep 15, 2004
No, we never had a feature to separate by language, why the data was referred to as a "RDF Dump".
It's up to the user (you) to write a sorting algorithm to end up with exactly the data you want.
Different possibilities are being studied to make the data more "user friendly", but our priority is publishing it asap.

The license requirement is applicable for all the data (urls, titles, descriptions, category names and structure, etc.)
If those terms aren't compatible with your use, you'll need to contact the directory administration...
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