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Dead links in K & T


Jan 26, 2006
Thanks Mark!

Here are a few more links I could find today; just one question: I have a couple more links of websites that were not responding today. Yet, google cache showed they were still active a couple of days ago. What should I do with these websites? Should I report them or wait? I understand that a lot of websites in these categories are run by volunteers and/or with very limited funds, so it's difficult for webmasters to monitor them 24/24h everyday.

Also, I had the same link ishtar reported in his huge list, so I removed it - just one thing, the new URL for that website would be http://www.kmc.org/additionalservices/volunteers_teen.htm .


KidsHealth: Infectious Mononucleosis [EDIT]
New url: http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/common/mono.html


CancerSourceKids.com - Kids' Homepage [EDIT]
moved / like the other link from this website in the category (edit) these sections are now integrated into the same website
New url: http://www.cancersource.com/


I Have Diabetes Too! [EDIT]
404 / all images in the page are not working


Kellogg's Nutrition Camp [EDIT]
404 / seems like this section cannot be found anymore on Kellogg's websites

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