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Curlie website Submission

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I own a tax service office at Melbourne Australia and is hosting a website for the same with domain name - now i wished to add to the financial service field under accounting but not able to detect the appropriate way to do so, can any one help me regarding the same.
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Jun 5, 2018
Actually I have the same problem. I have gone through every possible category and that is about twenty of them and there is no way to submit a site on any of them. I went through your instructions as well as FAQ. I drilled and drilled and still no way to add a site, the icon did not once come up over twenty or so categories
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Aug 19, 2003
The FAQ in this forum, you should read it before posting:

"At the moment (April 2018) it is not possible for the public to suggest sites. We are planning to open that functionality in the future but can not provide a date for that yet."
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