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Curlie-Login does not work


Curlie Editall
Aug 30, 2002
I tried to activate my user at curlie.org/forum, but I don't receive any mail with my password.

After I enter my username and email addres I get the information "A new password was sent to your registered email address.".
If I use another mail addresse, I get the information "The email/username information submitted could not be found." - so I think I have the correct email address.

I checked my spam folder.
The email address is unchanged since years and still active.

Can you help me?


Curlie Admin
RZ Admin
Sep 15, 2004
There's a bug or two lurking in the forum, not the fault of your mail address ;)
I've upgraded your account here, and will send you a PM with the workaround for Curlie :cool:
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