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Sep 15, 2004
A brief introduction to Curlie (DMOZ) data, the subject of this forum:

Curlie Data is currently unavailable due to technical issues, we'll post here when it's back online.

The content of the directory is available for download in a RDF format...
The use of the data is free, but subject to the terms of our License.
The Open Directory / Dmoz provided the RDF data from it's opening in 1998 to it's closure in 2017
It's planned that the directory's successor, Curlie, will do the same from it's launch in 2018
The links in this post have been updated to the Archive.org WaybackMachine.
The data itself is obviously no longer updated.
The files are all here, with some past archives available here.
They are divided by directory, structure and content...
There are multiple ways to use directory data, some can be found under:
There is also an informative blog post on How is DMOZ Data Used?

See here for more details on the DMOZ RDF data.

For reference, the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and XML specifications from W3C.
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