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Changing the category

Hi! I have a problem.. My site was taken to the local category.. I did not sumbit there, it just appeared there, although there is only one thing - phone - to show the geographical position of the office.
The problem is we are worldwide service company and such listing makes no good for us of the branding point.
Is that possible to change the category to the global?? Yahoo has this feature and they have changed ours ( their editor has choosen the local too, but after the explanation they have took us back to the global category).
ODP does not allow 1 site to be in different categories..
Please, let me know what is the solution here!!

Thanks a lot!


Curlie Meta
Apr 30, 2002
>ODP does not allow 1 site to be in different categories..
Wrong. Every commercial site might be listed in two places:
1) Regional where the complany is situated
2) Thematic in the category the site fits in

>Is that possible to change the category to the global??
Two possible ways of having an editor to do this:
1) Submit to the category you think it fits in. Since every entry is processed by an editor, you can write any comments to the editor in the description you submit. For example you can but them in [ - brackets.
2) If you want the entry to be moved you could submit an "update-URL"-Request on the entry that is already listed.

For regional listing, normally you would be listed at your 'bricks and mortar' address. That is after all where you run your business from. The only time a site MAY be listed in regional at higher levels is where they have multiple physical locations, or if the site has a broad community base such as a hospital covering several localities which may go up one or more levels depending on coverage. This is very rarely true of business sites though.

The topical (thematic) listing would be acceptable for most business as a second listing. Try to find the most appropriate topical cat (Any without REGIONAL at the start of the address) and submit it there. Please do not submit to multiple cats as editors will sometimes see 20 submissions for the same site and, noting it to be already listed, are more likely to just delete them all as duplicates.

When you submit to the correct cat you can put a note in the description in brackets with any comments such as (This is already listed in my locality, but I believe it is also appropriate to dual list in this topical category).

The important thing is to write good descriptions and submit to the correct cat. I know it can take time to locate it, but it will speed up listing significantly.

Also note there are some anomalies with listing in Shopping that have been addressed in other posts.
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