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Nov 5, 2008
this is my first time here, so Hello everybody!
I've just listed (send proposal) of my new project in the Category that I think is the best (España:Viajesyturismo:rural- [url remnoved]), but anyway I think that there could be a Category called something like: "Family:having fun together", because in the web we have just developed, there are things to do as "tourism", but our objective is to help families to of course, travel together, but also to have fun together, and help parents to organise their free time doing nice things with their kids, and not always expensive activities. We want to promote "slow-time with our kids", like the "slow-food" fashion, quite, happy and quality time with our kids. We would like to become a reference web, where parens could answer questions similar to "This weekend I want to do something special with my kids but I don't know what" ...
For all those things, I don't know if another category would have been better, or if it already exists the one I'm asking for...
Anyway, shoul anybody have an idea, I will appreciate it.
See you all!!!
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Curlie Meta
Curlie Meta
Sep 30, 2004

The Kids and Teen section of the directory is for sites aimed at children. It sounds as though your site is aimed at adults (ie parents). For sites aimed at parents you would need to look in the main part of the directory.

Is this the type of category you mean?



[Edit: Looking at the category you started to type - https://curlie.org/World/Español/Regional/Europa/España/Viajes_y_turismo/Rural/ - maybe your site is in Spanish? There does not appear to be a Spanish equivalent of the Family site. If you submit to the closest category you can find, editors will move your suggestion to the most appropriate category.]
Dec 9, 2009
I don't know if another category would have been better, or if it already exists the one I'm asking for...
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Curlie Meta
Oct 8, 2002
1. please do not spam this forum with your url

2. as said before, suggest the site in what you think is the best existing category
- if an editor thinks it could better be listed in another category he will move the suggestion (this is not an invitation to just pick an improper category, such suggestions can wait years before being processed)
- a new category will only be created if we have enough websites to be listed in such a category


Jun 30, 2005
And, please, always remember that sites suggested to Kids and Teens must be designed to be of interest to and use by Kids and Teens. Not parents and not teachers. There are appropriate categories for parent- / teacher-focused listings in the main directory.
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