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I understand that pure affiliate listings are not supported by DMOZ.

How about categorized portals with hundreds or thousands of links (still being affiliated) combined with extended services like e-mail, newsletter, forums, info's, news feed, multimedia and such. The way the categorization and all other services might help internet users to find their way around specific topics easier or in different ways, might justify to have those directories and portals listed as second resources besides the Yahoo's of the world, wouldn't you think?
See (and you have possibly guessed it already, I have developed such portals and just don't get listed in DMOZ, maybe because of many affiliate links besides othr content and services. But the awards I have received, more importantly: the users' response to have very well structured and ADVERTISING-FREE portals as a substitute to the Yahoo's of the world (who start overloading their offers with ads these days), actually prooves the necessity for such effort.
So, why penalizing it if response and demand are there?

I would like to have your take on that as well as on this one:

Another portal question would be, if there are several "sister" portals that are cross-linked and combined at several levels to make the overall offer complete, would there be a possibility to have a "group" listing done, kinda like at Yahoo where you got a heading for a "mother" domain and the "children/sisters" underneath at the same page?

Many thanks and best regards, Jens

If it's the site in your profile, it has a mirror which is listed, I think.

There is no mirror for the site, I am not working with mirroring at all.
The layout might be similar between several sites I am running to provide layout and navigational consistency for users, regardless of the content, navigational structure and feeling for the sites should be the same across "platforms".

Here are the sites I am running:

- ad-free.biz (main site, anchor for all services and self descriptive content like overviews, privacy information, newsletter info and archives etc.)
- ad-free.info (news, information, articles, e-mail service, webmaster editorials that I write etc.)
- ad-free-mall.biz (vstore affiliation and other shopping areas)
- ad-free-bargains.biz (special discounted offers, pulled off different shopping sites as a compressed and focused compilation of great deals across the web)
- ad-free-portal.biz (advertising-free variation of my older site blueballweb.com, just beginning)

There is a central page within ad-free.biz that acts as a launch pad for all users with all personal services on one page: ad-free.biz/Home.html

Now, if there was or is the impression that mirrors are running, just because the layout is similar across the different topic domains, this is where my initial second question comes in, wouldn't it be a good solution to combine in a "group" listing as lined out before?

Is there anything I am doing wrong?

Many thanks for your help, I really don't want to be penalized for my work. On top, all domains are fairly new and I can only invest so much time, would you advise to get listed later then when more content is available (is fairly large already though, especially considering the combination as a network of different areas).

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