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Categorization Question

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Feb 6, 2019
Back in 2002 I was working at the website of a spiritual organization that has a global operation. I spent time trying to keep the site optimized.

At the time there was a website with the opposite view that showed up in position 2 . I researched why that was the case, even though it didn't seem that the site should show up so well. What I came up with was that DMOZ had a guideline that websites of this nature, expressing their views of religious and spiritual organizations deserved prominence in search categorization and placement so that their views would be seen.

My questions are:
  • DMOZ isn't active as a live directory anymore. I see that the DMOZ category that I first saw in 2002 is still the same on Curlie. Is Google's algorithm set up to abide by the same guidelines? There are many reasons that the website that I described shouldn’t show up so well from an organic SEO perspective. If Google’s algorithm is the reason it does show up well, that explains it, but doesn’t help.
  • What can be done about this, or what process exists to dispute it?
Thank you.
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Curlie Admin
Oct 31, 2006
DMOZ is gone. Curlie is the new volunteer edited site now. We have no control over how Google may place listings. We are not affiliated in any way. There is no way for us to change that.
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