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Dec 31, 2006
My site doesn't really fit under one category. I put my books I write on there, my movies, games, jokes and more. What category do I put it under?:confused:


Jun 30, 2005
If you are suggesting your site to a Kids and Teens category, please make certain that you have read the K&T guidelines thoroughly.

We only list sites of interest to kids and teens; not sites for parents, not sites designed to sell anything, and not sites with any adult content.

My guess would be, from your description, that your site is what we consider a Personal Homepage. Therefore, my recommendation is that you look there. Read the description of that category for further information, including the fact that Personal Homepages suggested to the Kids and Teens Open Directory Project need to be by kids or teens, not for them by an adult.

Please note: Due to technical problems, site suggestions are not currently possible. We will update the Announcement as information is available.
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Dec 31, 2006
but it's a selling wbsite and i put others peioples games and stuff there it's like an an all around entertainment site along with some buying iopurtunities
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Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
OK, ignoring all the advertisements (buying opportunities or selling or whatever youcall it), ignoring all the non-unique content (other people's stuff), what's left?

We'd categorize the site based on that (and obviously it's right out for K&T if it's for "buying opportunities" so those categories are not site-suggesting opportunities.)
Apr 5, 2004
Hello trose7

It certainly sounds like your site would not be listed in https://curlie.org/Kids_and_Teens/ , but you are welcome to suggest it to another part of the directory if you wish, although I hope you have read all the FAQ and guidelines so that you know not to expect to see it listed anywhere. ;)

If your site has online sales, it would probably belong in a subcategory of https://curlie.org/Shopping/ , so I suggest you read the Shopping Guidelines as well. Otherwise, just have a look around the directory at where similar sites are listed, and then suggest your site there. If an editor thinks it belongs somewhere else, he or she will move it. We do that all the time, so as long as you do your best to find the most specific category, don't worry too much about it. :)
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