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Can you update this information?

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May 31, 2018
I came on today in hopes of submitting my site to Curlie, and after checking your site and instructions, I tried but found no 'folder' symbol. I eventually found myself on this forum to see if I could find any help, only to find you are shut at the moment for public submissions.

Could you possibly update the Curlie site to reflect this?

I can email you the link to the instructions on your site - I'm being spam blocked oddly, so couldn't post it here.

Just might save us all some time, would be much appreciated.

Also, is there any kind of email list I could join to find out when Curlie will be open again for submissions?



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Sep 15, 2004
Hi Amy,
Curlie is being slowly rebuilt from the ashes of DMOZ; We (the editing community) had really hoped it would be ready for public consumption by now, but some niggling software and administrative issues are holding us back.
Curlie has never been open to public site suggestions; though the "apply to be an editor" feature was briefly opened for test purposes. It's closed now, but those who applied will have their applications reviewed in due course.
Existing editors (i.e. those from DMOZ, even timed out) are able to edit the directory database, so some new sites are being published during the wait...
The announcement section of this forum will eventually have the news that we (and you) are waiting for; by "watching" it, this forum should send a mail when something is added; don't worry you won't be spammed! ;)
(an alternative is via Twitter)
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May 31, 2018
Oh perfect, thanks so much!

Yes, I was just a little concerned because the information suggested I could suggest sites, but alas, it was not the case!

I don't work in software, but happy to help if I can :) I'll follow on Twitter just in case!
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