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Can we put DMOZ data into an eBook?


Curlie Admin
Nov 13, 2003
What I'm about to say is all completely unofficial ... You should consult a lawyer and/or the AOL legal department for definitive advice.

The current license doesn't really work very well for anything by HTML pages displaying data from at most one category, and the purpose of the links is to allow people to suggest similar sites for, or volunteer to edit the category shown. You have multiple printed pages, showing data from several sub-categories.

I would think that you would be closer to the spirit of the licence if you provided the attribution block for *each* of the sub-categories you have used, with the appropriate category-specific links, not least because the main Small Business category doesn't accept suggestions, so the 'suggest a site' link redirects to a more general page.

(BTW: your current 'become an editor' link isn't right for the Small Business cat.)


Curlie Meta
Apr 30, 2002
(Same disclaimer as the other posting)

There have been other non-standard data uses before, and AFAIK staff has agreed to any sensible form of attribution that was similiar to the attribution statement (Regardless of the layout used as long as the layout does not stop people from seeing ort accessing it). I agree with chaos that providing the links for every category would conform a lot better.


Curlie Admin
Sep 18, 2002
I have to say that, as a user, I don't understand how putting directory data into an ebook format is going to save time for people. How is it faster or more convenient for someone to page through a PDF file than to browse directory Web pages? I don't get the concept.


display each entry with a readable URL

I think at least the spirit of the attribution requirements is per category.

It also strikes me, that if the pages are going to be directly readable (even printable?), it would be better to display each entry with a readable URL, e.g.:

reedfloren said:


Jun 22, 2006
The idea is great. It has following advantages:
- Offline surfing possible
- Can be used as yellow pages
- Quick navigation (if made in CHM or any other format than simple PDF)

- No use of offline surfing when you can't use the link as link will not work offline
- Updates will not get added

With regards,
Mandar Thosar


Nov 7, 2006
I personally thinks its a great resource, lots of clickable links, would save lots of time ie. having to find all these links by yourself would take hours!

Sally :)
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