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Broken content.rdf.u8.gz file dated June 05-Jun-2016

Jun 8, 2016
The content file for June 5, 2016 is broken.
Decompressing fails with a message saying "Unexpected end of file."
The displayed file size on the site is 84 MB, sames as the downloaded file size, which seems too low.
I tried falling back to a previous version in the archive folder.
But the archive folder does not contain any files after 2011-03-08.
Can DMOZ please fix this error, and restore the archived files for the missing years?
Thanks a lot!


Curlie Admin
RZ Admin
Sep 15, 2004
We think we've fixed the content.rdf.u8.gz issue you reported.
For the archive folder, the possibility of keeping copies of past RDF's again is being examined by the "tech team" as it would make a handy fall-back... Whatever is decided, I doubt we have the possibility of recovering the missing years.
Jun 8, 2016
Thanks, Elper. The files dated June 12, and the fixed ones before that which you mentioned. both could be decompressed successfully.
Hopefully your tech team will be able to add new files to the archive going forward.

Thanks for your help.
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