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Becoming an Editor

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Nov 9, 2009
Hi --

I volunteered to be an editor for the Water Polo section when I noticed that
<url deleted>
was not listed. It has like 1500 pages devoted to every aspect of the sport, no advertising and a 100% unpaid staff of enthusiasts so there isn't really a real reason for them not to be included other than the lack of editors. I was rejected because the topic was too big. Even if I only did three sites a month, it would be better than missing out on the most important and relevant sites out there. Water Polo Planet has been online for years and years and there couldn't be a more qualified site for DMOZ. There is clearly a need for change in editor qualifications or activity or DMOZ is going to completely lose relevance. Is it possible that anyone can offer an explanation as to why a site like this would not be included in the index when sites such as this are: <URL deleted> ?

Thanks --

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Curlie Meta
Mar 28, 2003
Specific sites and their suitability for inclusion is something we don't discuss in this forum - there is a dedicated thread for reporting dead or otherwise bad sites, but other than that we ask that you don't post URLs or other details about specific sites.

That being said, when an editor application is rejected becaue the category is too big, the applicant is encouraged to apply for a smaller category, perhaps a subcategory of the first one, with no more than about 100 listed sites. This is so new editors can learn the ropes in a smaller category where mistakes are more easily spotted and fixed, and the editing task is more manageable. Once the editor knows the basics of editing it is possible to apply for more and larger categories; this is how we've all begun, and experience shows that it is by far the most efficient way to manage the learning process.
Sep 6, 2008
I applied to a category with about 100 links and I was accepted

Smaller categories will get you in ESPECIALLY if isn't some really commercial category

I think i was denied the first two times, and probably because i only spent like 10mins on the app

The 3rd time i spent about 1hour reading thing thoroughly, and making sure my app was perfect.
I was approved a few hours later

Don't give up and start with your city category so you can help out your local community
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Nov 9, 2009
Okay - I'm still struggling with the editorial question. The question wasn't why isn't a particular site listed. Regardless of the URL, what could be going on with the process that you reject editors for categories that are obviously in need of updating? Does DMOZ truly believe that no editor is worse than an editor that is too thinly spread out?
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Sep 5, 2007
As has been explained above. New editors are given smaller more manageable categories so that they have a better environment to learn in. There is a lot to learn once you are given access as an editor, some people are quite overwhelmed in fact, so to give them a large category to manage immediately would not be good at all.

Does DMOZ truly believe that no editor is worse than an editor that is too thinly spread out?
No what we believe is that an editor that has had time to train and subsequently understand the workings of the ODP is a hugely valuable asset. An editor that does not understand the workings of the ODP can do a great deal of harm (more than likely unintentionally) so the easiest way is to allow them to blossom in a reasonably sized, smaller category.
Nov 7, 2016
I have register as <email removed for privacy reasons>. I want to submit 2 websites but to able to login. Please Guide.
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