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Ask permission if could copy the dmztool look and links


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May 7, 2017
Hi there i respect copyrights, and i would simply like to create a page in my personal free site that look as what is shown on the main page of: dmoztools.net/

What id like is to simply copy the "Art Icon" beside the text (Arts/Movies/Television/Music...). Then the url link as shown as: (Arts/Movies/Television/Music...)

Same thing for the icon "Computer Screen", beside the text (Computers/Internet/Software/Hardware...)

Brief put the dmoztools main interface and links, that when a person come on my personnal website as example click on the "Art Icon" it open a new page and go to the (Official) link of: dmoztools.net/Arts/

When the person click on a link as "Software", then it open an other page and go to the site of: dmoztools.net/Computers/Software/

So like that peoples that goes on my free personnal website, can see the great directory links of: dmoztools.net/

I just want to promote free Dmoztools Directory and make peoples know about it.

It's important for me to ask the administrators, by respect of copyrights.

It could be great if in the forum there would some pinned subject about adding some html codes that show the dmoztools.net directory. This to promote Dmoztools Directory for any webmasters, that could be put into one of the webmaster webpage.

Thank's for your time.



Mar 8, 2004
I'm not entirely sure we have the right to the icons (or to the dmoztools domain), but you should be able to adapt the instructions at https://dmoztools.net/docs/he/license.html . I wasn't even a meta at dmoz; the admin team could give a more definite answer.

Dmoz was under a CC-BY creative commons license; although we haven't formalized "our" license (at least, we editors haven't yet been informed), and we didn't adopt CC-BY-SA, you can abide by the CC-BY license DMOZ was run under, fixing links as appropriate.

Again, I'm not in charge.

(Finished editing)
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Sep 15, 2004
Dmoztools is only a static mirror using the DMOZ data; we have no real plans for it after we launch the new directory (Curlie).
My interpretation is that anyone is free to use the actual DMOZ data (essentially category names, category structure, category descriptions; listing urls, titles and descriptions), as per arubin's post above.
But not copy the dmoztools site (essentially the graphics) itself - I don't think framing the content of dmoztools.net (what you propose?) would be an acceptable use either.
For the attribution, and at least until the replacement directory is launched, I think that dmoztools.net seems a reasonable choice of replacement url, whilst still indicating that the actual data used was from DMOZ.org

(the above is my non-licensing-expert point of view, not a Curlie official policy)
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