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Are e-mail newsletter sites okay?

I like this forum. Starting to understand ODP a bit better.

Question: Submitted a site about three times since last summer to a regional category. It's not in, yet. At the site, users can subscribe to free weekly e-mail newsletters about residential real estate sales in two counties in the state.

Do you think the site content might be the problem? Are e-mail publication sites okay?

Could the category I selected be wrong? It's a bit of an odd ball product, a regionally specific e-newsletter. It's hard to know where to put it. I submitted it to Arizona:Business_and_Economy:Real_Estate.

Thanks in advance.

Without seeing the site it's a bit hard to judge, post the URL and I'll look at it. If the newsletter is the only 'product' offered I can't see why it would be rejected, unless the newsletters are filled with affiliate links.


Mar 25, 2002
Yorkshire, UK
The site has been denied a listing in the past. [...] I suggest you resubmit, mentioning this thread in the description.

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When you resubmit you need to make clear it is an application for online delivery of a newsletter regarding real estate. You can word it how you like, but don't try to stuff it with keywords, or Use Improper Capitalisation. Short, clean, in real English, and about what is on the site (not what you do that's not mentioned on the site).

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