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Apply and wait....... wait....... (editors needed)

I've been trying to list a site in the ODP, and get anxious about the note at the bottom that says "This category needs an editor". If as is the case I have to go up about 3 levels to find an editor, isn't this going to make review of the site unlikely?

I submitted an application to be an editor 14 days ago along with my listing but I have not heard anything on that either. I would be willing to help out with a few categories under Warfare_and_Conflict. I am big Weapons follower. I know many girls are not into that type of thing but I really enjoy following the advancements in technology.

The category I submitted to was:

The site was www.secretweapon.com

I thank you for your attention,

Hope I can help out :/images/dmoz/purplegrin.gif

Your site will get reviewed it might just take a little longer if there is no listed editor. A friendly email to an editor up the tree might help.

It could take as long as a month before your application is reviewed. You'll get an email when it is reviewed.


Curlie Meta
Feb 28, 2002
Advice for getting accepted as an editor

Actually it is completely possible that one wouldn't get an e-mail if their application to be an editor was denied. Sending a rejection letter is the meta's choice. My best advice to you at this point, is to read the editor guidelines, a public document, that can help you learn what we're looking for in a description. You can find that document here: https://curlie.org/guidelines.html . It's quite long, the most relevant section for someone just looking to become an editor is the "Describing Sites" section. My other advice is to only apply for a category with less than 100 sites. Sometimes new editors are accepted to larger areas, but sticking under 100 sites in that first category is a big plus.

Lastly, since you submitted your site to that category, be sure to be completely honest about that fact, and perhaps supply 2-3 URLs other than your own to show us that you're interested in helping the directory not just your site. /images/icons/wink.gif

Goodluck! And don't hesitate to apply again at this point.


Mar 26, 2002
Re: Apply and wait....... wait....... (editors nee

<blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr><p>Quoth lisa:
If as is the case I have to go up about 3 levels to find an editor, isn't this going to make review of the site unlikely?<p><hr></blockquote>It depends upon how big of a backlog that editor has. An editor who edits a single category might have more of a backlog than an editor who edits lots of categories that are 3 levels down (or more) from the main category they edit.

Re: Apply and wait....... wait....... (editors nee

The editor list may appear to be three or more above your submission because editors do a lot of editing down in the tree, but do not list themselves as editor. The higher editor is working as fast as he/she can through the unreviewed. But, they are like the stack of hats! As sites are reviewed, I think two more are submitted! Best wishes for being accepted as an editor.

Re: Advice for getting accepted as an editor

Enarra (as always) has offered you some sound advice. What I also suggest is look at the category you have applied for and try and follow the examples of the descriptions written.
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