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Applicat in queue can access I fogot my password section

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Oct 31, 2012
Please don't consider my activity as spam, since I am reporting a new type or error/bug and have technical question daily and please don't ban me for doing so.
My intention is to help this Web Savvy project.

Applicants who submitted their Editor Application can use I forgot my Password feature which is meant for Editors.

I have submitted my application from username: kingavineshsingh, If I visit I forgot my Password section and enter my username there, I will receive an email for the same and can reset password.

This may be a bug or some error.

As a developer I can say that, there should be a function like if=account_approved then open=htpp.......
"Not allowed"

should be created

Note: this is a rough idea.

I am sorry If I am increasing work load or posting 'crap'.
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Oct 8, 2002
That is not for you to know
We will not dicuss technical internal DMOZ issues
Please stop asking such questions
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