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AOL search results changing to Google?

Another story from search engine watch: "At AOL Search, Google's paid AdWords listings are already appearing. As for Google's editorial results, it remains up to AOL as to when these will start, Google said.

AOL has yet to announce a schedule, but I would expect to see the transition begin in the early summer, so that AOL will be moved over fully to Google before the Inktomi contract expires in August." and this statement as well: "Google has been selected by AOL to provide editorial search results and paid listings to AOL's various search properties in the United States, including AOL Search, Netscape Search and CompuServe Search."

So now AOL is switching to Google as well? No more ODP for AOL?

Anyone know anything about this?

Thanks - Jeff

Again, Google is a search function. ODP is not a search function, it's a directory, which Google uses.

Both AOL and Netscape have had their own search functions all along, in addition to the ODP directory.
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